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Industrial control equipment field
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SSR optocoupler relay application for D/T modem
2022-06-15 Source:Shenzhen Tenen Technology Co., Ltd.
In the communication line, the corresponding high voltage is applied, including the office power supply, the call signal and the test signal. In addition, the lightning surge induced in the line inevitably leaks to the equipment through the protective circuit, and therefore, a high breakdown voltage is required for the communication equipment connected to the communication equipment. The ssr photorelays mqw216hl, mqy212ghl are suitable for preventing relay drive current from flowing into the line, in addition, since the polarity of the telephone line is reversed during the switching operation, the relay contact insertion line should have bidirectional characteristics. OCMOS FETs meet these conditions and are suitable for these applications, including office switching, PBX, touch-tone phones, telephony and fax.

The number of feedback control process systems for microcomputers has grown rapidly over the past few years. In these systems, it is necessary for a microcomputer to control the current that drives the actuator and process. A device that uses tiny signals and absorbs signal level or potential differences between devices. In addition, the noise from the current on/off in the actuator or process equipment and external equipment causes malfunction of the microcomputer, so this noise must be cut off through the interface. Therefore, interface relays in these systems must provide electrical isolation for circuits and input/output. Eliminate the separation of noise generated by the interaction of input/output circuits and transient loads. Opto-Mosfet provides complete electrical isolation and isolation between outputs through optical coupling. It can control signals and loads in a wide range by inputting a small amount of power. Therefore suitable for the above purpose. That is, it can be used for sequence controllers, programmable controllers (PLCs), robots, NCs. Machine tools, automatic assembly machines, motor/solenoid valve control. Routinely applied products mqy214hls, mqy212hls, mqw212hl, mqw214hl.