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Company profile
Latest Product Release: PhotoMOS Relay: 1500v, 3750Vrms, 6pin; Logic 10Mbp High Isolation Optocoupler: 7500Vmrs, 10Mbps, Lsop8
Based on the industry’s focus, Tenen Technology integrates global optoelectronic components and isolator chip manufacturers to provide the most efficient and advantageous services to our customers. The main product categories are optical isolators, capacitor isolators and optoelectronics. Isolator products cover MOSFET/IGBT/TRIAC drive isolators, logic high-speed data transmission isolators, signal switch isolators, interface isolators, amplification detection isolators and general digital isolators. The main products of optoelectronic components are LED light-emitting diodes , Power infrared emission tube and light sensor. We focus on the field of industrial control: photovoltaic equipment, automotive control, medical equipment, power supply, PLC control equipment, robot control, automatic production equipment and communication base station products; provide cost control, program optimization, production for applications and designs in various fields Efficiency and other multi-faceted technical support. People-oriented, quality first, I believe we can serve every customer well!