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Industrial control equipment field
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Drive optocoupler and high voltage isolation for variable frequency products
2022-06-15 Source:Shenzhen Tenen Technology Co., Ltd.
Inverter air conditioners add frequency converters to the structure of conventional air conditioners. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, and its speed directly affects the efficiency of the air conditioner. The frequency converter is the control system used to control and adjust the speed of the compressor, so that it is always in the best speed state, thereby improving the energy efficiency ratio (compared to the conventional one. Air conditioning saves at least 30% energy). Its basic structure and refrigeration principle are exactly the same as ordinary air conditioners. The host of the inverter air conditioner is automatically infinitely variable, and it can automatically provide the required amount of cold (heat) according to the room conditions; when the indoor temperature reaches the desired value, the host of the air conditioner runs at a constant speed that can accurately maintain this temperature. To achieve "non-stop operation", so as to ensure the stability of the ambient temperature.

Inverter air conditioners commonly used optocouplers:

Drive coupler (LTV-3120, LTV-155E, LTV-152, LTV-314W, LTV-314P, LTV-341P, LTV-341W); motor drive optocoupler (MOC3063, MOC3052, MOC3083, MOC3081, MOC3023, MOC3021) ;High voltage isolation optocoupler (LTV-817, LTV-816, LTV-357, LTV-356, LTV-217, LTV-354, LTV-214, LTV-814)